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Er leverantör av hygienisk processutrustning

TJ 20G Retractable system

tj20g-retractable-systemThe TJ 20G Retractable System features a retractable version of the TJ 20G rotary jet head. The TJ 20G provides a 3600 indexed impact cleaning over a defined time period.


Processing, storage and mixing tanks and vessels between 15 and 150 mm3; (4,000 to 40,000 US gallons). The TJ 20G Retractable System is designed for use in tanks where internai structures complicate the correct positioning of a T J 20G on a fixed downpipe. The TJ 20G Retractable System can replace the portable installation of TJ 20G.


The T J 20G Retractable System extends from the pressure of the cleaning media. When the pressure of the cleaning media is shut off, the media is drained through the T J 20G nozzles and the return spring retracts the T J 20G to its initial position. The T J 20G Retractable System is equipped with magnetic positioning sensors indicating the position of the T J 20G in either retracted or extended position.

Tool for maintenance

A special tool is required to disassemble and reassemble the TJ 20G and the circlips.


The T J 20G Retractable System is available in three stroke lengths:

  • Stroke length 600 mm
  • Stroke length 1,000 mm
  • Stroke length 1,500 mm

The TJ 20G Retractable System is supplied with a standard size house welding connection for mounting on the tank. The tank and inlet connection s are available in various options. An electronic rotation sensor to verify 360° coverage can also be included.

Order information

Please specify the stroke length, the intet and tank connection options required. For technical specifications of the TJ 20G, a data sheet is available upon request.



Total weight (include T J 20G)
Stroke length 600 mm, 17.1 kg (37.7 Ibs)
Stroke length 1 ,000 mm, 19.1 kg (42.1 Ibs)
Stroke length 1,500 mm, 21.1 kg (46.5 Ibs)

Working pressure
4 – 7 bar (58 – 100 psi)

Recommended pressure
5 bar (73 psi)

Max. working temperature
95 °C (203 °F)

Max. ambient temperature
140 °C (284 °F)

Standard: Welding connection ø219.1 mm
Option 1: Flange union, PN16, DN200
Option 2: Glamp union DN219, ISO 2852
Standard: Glamp union, DN51, ISO 2852
Option 1: SMS union, DN51
Option 2: DIN union, DN50, DIN 11851
Option 3: Welding end 2″: 051 x1.25 mm

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