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Er leverantör av hygienisk processutrustning
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Er leverantör av hygienisk processutrustning

SaniMidget Retractor

midget_reThe SaniMidget Retractor is a retractable version of the SaniMidget rotary spray head. The tank cleaning head is automatically retracted and isolated from contact with the tank or duct contents when cleaning is complete. The components of the machine that may be in contact with cleaning fluid or product are designed to be self-draining and self- cleaning.


The SaniMidget Retractor is designed for use in tanks, vessels, dryers and ducts where internal components or geometry complicate the placement of permanently installed cleaning machines. Storage tanks, reactors, and mixing tanks between 0.1 m3 and 10m3 (27 to 2.700 US gallons). Application assistance and information for optimal positioning is available in CAD format.


The SaniMidget Retractor is available with two styles of retracting mechanisms.

Pneumatic Driven:
The SaniMidget Retractor uses air pressure to extend and retract the cleaning head.

Media Driven:
The SaniMidget Retractor uses the pressure of the cleaning media to extend the cleaning head and retracts it by an integrated spring.

The cleaner head extends inta the vessel or duct with the flow of cleaning media (media driven version) or by supply of air pressure (pneumatic version). The cleaner head is driven by the media
and starts rotating upon application of media flow and creates fans of fluid in a swirling pattern. The distribution pattern of the cleaning head generates a vibrating impact as well as cascading flow coverage of all internal surfaces of the tank.


The SaniMidget Retractor is available in three strake lengths: 100 mm, 150 mm and 250 mm. The SaniMidget Retractor is also available in Hastelloy C22 (parts in product contact only). Alternative material of construction for the sealing components are also available. The machine can be supplied with positioning sensors which generate digital signals at the fully retracted or fully extended positions

Quality system

The SaniMidget Retractor is designed in accordance with the 3A Sanitary Standards No.78-00 and produced in accordance with ISO9001 International Quality Standards. Inspection Certificates and other traceability documentation available upon request.


Product area: AISI 316L, PEEK
Non product area: AISI 304, POM
Sealing: EPDM Polymers FDA-approved 21 CFR § 177

Surface Finish
Product contact surfaces: Ra=0.8 µm

See reverse page

Machine: Self-lubricating with the cleaning media

Working pressure cleaning media
2-5 bar (29 – 73 psi)

Recommended working pressure cleaning media
2-4 bar (29 – 58 psi)

Air supply pressure
2-5 bar (29 – 73 psi)

Air quality
Clean, filtered max. 40 µm
Dry, deVl/ point max. 10° C Max. working temperature 95° C (203° F)

Max. tank temperature
150° C (304° F)

Wetting radius
Max. 3.5 m (11,5 f t.)

Impact cleaning radius
Max. effective 1.7 m(11,5 ft.)

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